Wrestler - Your Other Woman



My darling baby kendoll drew me some wonderful pieces that I want to share with you. Here’s the backstory for Wrestler…

Sissy white boy geek dressed in panties wrestling a huge black woman, gets very turned on when she face sit pins him, and he decides to pull his erect penis out of his panties and masturbates behind her huge ass, hoping she doesn’t notice. He quickly sprays cum all over her massive ass, as she sees him. In rage, she sits all of her tremendous weight down on his face, his head settling deeply between her ass cheeks in her butt crack. He can’t breathe, and he tries feebly to push her massive ass off his head, but evilly smiling, she just grabs both of his tiny toothpick arms, and pulls until they pop out of his shoulder sockets, while she tightly squeezes her ass cheeks together, crushing his face. He can’t even scream, as he has no air, and she continues to sit on him until his feeble squirming and kicks stop, and she gets off his lifeless body.  She calls 911, and reports the ‘accident’. They don’t dispute it, as they haul off the body, just shaking their heads at the foolishness of the little man trying to wrestle a woman 10 times his size.

And I posted these because they were not only incredible, but also because it’s my baby kendoll’s birthday coming up and I wanted to surprise him with this gift. 🙂

Kisses and spanks, my darling baby kendoll…

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