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Another Day In A Diaper

As many of you already know, my sweet baby w has been a bit naughty lately. He’s forgotten who the mommy is and who the baby is! For this infraction, we’re going to have to have a bit of punishment.

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Today’s punishment will be a bit of embarrassment for this naughty baby! I have been asked to show off this naughty boy. Well, now it’s time. Maybe he’ll remember who the boss is after this…



Yes, I’m hoping he’ll learn something. The fact that he’s late TODAY for a 3:30 appointment that was setup DAYS ago… just show his lack of respect.


*Update* 6:45 pm
~ My sweet baby w has sent me a sweet little gift, so I decided to pixelate one of the photos of him. That’s one less chance of getting totally caught.

*Update* 7:45 pm
~ Awww… and now he’s earned a little more pixelation…

*Update* 9am
~Well… he’s decided to be a good boy and has asked for and paid for photo removal. I hope you all had a chance to see this cute little baby while his pics were still up!

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