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Holiday Gift Ideas for that Special Woman

One important thing about holidays is that you should never forget to send gifts. Now, for your wife or girlfriend, you can give them boring gifts such as gold or silver necklaces or a bracelet… hell, even a new diamond ring will make them happy! However, when it comes to the woman that cares most about
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Another Day In A Diaper

As many of you already know, my sweet baby w has been a bit naughty lately. He’s forgotten who the mommy is and who the baby is! For this infraction, we’re going to have to have a bit of punishment. Today’s punishment will be a bit of embarrassment for this naughty baby! I have been
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Who owns you?

When asked “Who owns you?” I expect to hear “You do, Mystress” or “You, Ms. Bernadine” and I even enjoy seeing a sign. Now, you can make your sign on paper or even on your own skin (hint, I like that best) and you will please me. One of my minions, rlk, sent me this
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Dirty Baby

Sometimes you have to be careful to keep diapers around. If you don’t have any, then accidents can happen. My sweet Baby W made a little bit of a mess in his pants. Well, maybe I should rephrase that. My sweet Baby W wasn’t wearing the diaper he should have had on… instead, he was
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Wet and Messy Food Fun

I am planning on some fun this week. I have gotten a couple of shower curtains for the floor. I have some cupcake batter. I have some pancake syrup. Hmmm… what else do I need? I want to have a fun time with food. I want to pour it all over my body. I want
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Even Adult Babies Need Love

I’ve always enjoyed playing with my babies. I have an affinity for adult babies and when my sweet ones are good boys, they are rewarded. Sometimes their reward may be something like seeing my breasts or even permission to cum. However, if my babies are naughty boys, then they need to be punished! Some think that
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Weekend Wimps

Where are all my weekend wimps? No, I don’t mean weekend warriors. I am looking for my panty-wearing, butt plug impaled, pay piggies to give me a wonderful weekend. Do you need incentive? We can play a game. How about raise the rate? Do you need a bit of blackmail? Have you been naughty and
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Hump Day for Phone/Cam Sex Specials!!

What a wonderful day! Wednesday… or hump day…  The perfect time to enjoy a bit of sucking and fucking! Well, I have my lollipop in hand and my tongue is lapping it up. I expect this all day sucker to barely keep me as satisfied as a real cock could! I have a new phone
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Bad Habits Plague You?

Most people deal with bad habits. I think it is just part of life. Maybe you’re a nail biter. Maybe you procrastinate. Maybe you eat too much. Maybe you even masturbate too often. I’m sure if you take a look at your day to day life, you’ll find where you have been plagued by a
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Procrastination and Other Games of Chance

I have always abhorred procrastination. With so many things that need to be done throughout a single day and with limited hours per day, it is unacceptable to “put things off” for another time. That “other time” may never come! Now, what’s worse than procrastination… GAMES! Playing games with me may seem like fun, but
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