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Holiday Gift Ideas for that Special Woman

Holiday Gift Ideas for that Special Woman

One important thing about holidays is that you should never forget to send gifts. Now, for your wife or girlfriend, you can give them boring gifts such as gold or silver necklaces or a bracelet… hell, even a new diamond ring will make them happy! However, when it comes to the woman that cares most about you… the woman that brings you the most happiness… the most freedom.. the most carnal pleasure… that woman should be showered with the best gifts, as she deserves them most.

What kind of gifts should you give to a woman that makes your body explode in so many ways? I’ll give you a few hints…


The Xbox One with Lara Croft is a sinful pleasure gift. This is the type of gift you give to the woman who loves to game. This gift is special, as not only does it give that woman the ability to game.. but makes Skype available on TV! Wow… a special video cam session with the Skype would be intense!


What else would be good for this woman that gives you the most intense orgasms on earth?

I think you know…




Well, if she’s a great cook, like me, then an immersion blender would be very useful in her kitchen. For me, I love to cook a lot of soups.. so blending in the pot is important. This would work perfectly!



Do these seem like mundane gifts? No.. these are the types of things that a woman rarely buys for herself. She wants the men in her life to take over the process of buying her the little things she loves so much.



But of course, if you can’t think of anything else… send a gift card! This gives that woman the ability to buy those little things that she wants without you worrying that you’ve gotten the wrong size or color. You can never go wrong with gift cards!


I always wonder why some of my favorite guys take so long to send me an appreciatory gift.. especially when presents were promised or even hinted on… so that my hopes and desires begin to rise to the surface and show a bit of excitement for the season… but then are dashed when forgotten. No.. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to do this with me… since I am the air they breathe and the light that brings them more brightness than the sun.

Right guys?


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