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Hump My Hand

Hump My Hand

I’ve had a very uneventful kind of day and now I’m ready to let loose. The one way that I know of that will bring me a thrill is to hook up with you tonight.

I give you a call.

You agree to be ready at 10 pm sharp. You will be completely undressed and sitting on the edge of the bed for me. The room will be dimly lit and background noise will allow for our time to be more secretive.

I arrive and see that you have followed my directions and I enter the unlocked door. You hear the metallic clink of the hooks on my strap-on as my hips sway while walking in the door.

A shiver rolls down your spine. You can hear your own breathing. Your cock jumps. Your balls raise closer to your body. You hear my heels clicking on the ceramic tile floor as I walk towards the bedroom.

I push open the door. You take care not to lift your head. You know better than to look me in the eye without permission. You see my shadow and then my shoes as I walk closer to you.

You shiver.

I reach out my hand and touch you. You rise. I turn you away from me. I place my hand on the top of the back of your head. You feel my hand slowly stroke down the back of you neck. You feel my fingers as they slide down your spine. My hands spread apart and gently push you forward. Your hands instinctively shoot forward and catch you as you fall towards the bed.

I run my hands over your ass cheeks, giving your right side a gently squeeze. You arch your back. You know what is coming. You hear me spit on my hand. You feel me lubricate your now quivering asshole with my spittle. I raise the head of my cock and slowly enter you from behind.

You moan as you feel the pop of my mushroom as it pierces through your sphincter muscle. It’s all smooth sailing for me now. I slowly lean forward. I wrap my right arm around your waist. You feel my long fingers as they wrap around your member. I hold your dick firmly.

I lean forward, pressing my huge breasts into your back. I move my gold lips up to your ear and whisper, “Hump my hand.” Your cock doubles in size with only the echo of my words.

Call me and we can continue this journey or create one of our own.

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