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Procrastination and Other Games of Chance

Procrastination and Other Games of Chance

I have always abhorred procrastination. With so many things that need to be done throughout a single day and with limited hours per day, it is unacceptable to “put things off” for another time. That “other time” may never come!

Now, what’s worse than procrastination… GAMES! Playing games with me may seem like fun, but *I* always win. You see, this “game” is run by ME. I hold all the cards. I hold all the pictures. I hold all the videos. Someone who gets nervous or worried about that is now out of luck.


  • Did I give you all the rules up front?
  • Did you ask me to do certain things for you or to you?
  • Have I always followed through with my promises?
  • Have you repeatedly failed at keeping your promises to me?

My Wish List

The real issue here has to do with childish fear. Everyone gets nervous when they know they’re getting close to a breakthrough of some sort. If they know they are getting down to the point where they will finally feel the pleasure they deserve and have been searching for their entire lives…. they’ll throw in a monkey wrench and sabotage their results. It’s easier to live their lives in a lie than to finally accept the truth.

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