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Should You Take The Leap??

Should You Take The Leap??

Are you ready to lose control? Do you think you could survive with the loss of control over your own body? I have had men who can’t keep their hands off of their cocks want me to help them. I have had men who need discipline and need to learn patience. I know that a man needs a strong woman to help him. Men have a toy that hangs between their legs and they need to be reminded that you have to ask permission before playing with your toys. After a day of being “caged”, I had my most recent “prisoner” write me with his feelings. He was to tell me what being out of control meant to him.

Here is what he wrote…


Ms Bernadine,


The moment I heard the ‘click’ of the lock, the most overwhelming emotion I had was excitement. I was overjoyed that I was now belonging to someone else. With every step, every shift of my body, I felt the cage move, my testacles rub my leg, heard the clicking of the brass lock against the steel; it is now impossible to think of anything other than my manhood, locked away. For the first 12-15 hours, that really is all I was able to identify.


When I left my house this morning to run errands, new feelings started to become clear. Getting dressed, I pulled on my underpants, checked the mirror to see how badly I was showing – pretty bad – and then did it again after putting on my pants. These were loose fitting chinos so the bulge wasn’t that bad. I had to go to the local mall (which I hate) and as I walked in the door, I could feel my heart – and crotch – pounding. I picked up what I needed, and while checking out, I had an urge to bump my crotch against the register counter. There was a very pretty young lady helping me, but I have a hunch she would have no idea what the sound was or where it was coming from, so I really didn’t see the point.


I was getting encouragement and wonderful words from you as well as I passed a Victoria’s Secret and suddenly had an image of my cage under a lacy or sheer thong. As I kept walking I saw a Lane Bryant and remembered reading a blog about men shopping for panties there quite often and that even the sales ladies are not all that surprised when it happens. My penis was harder than it had been since I put on my cage and for the first time, I felt some discomfort, but the pain was delicious. I started to think that I wanted someone to know… if I went into LB and asked about panties, they would look at my crotch. Simple reflex. Then thoughts I’d never had before showed up – would they let me try them on? Would they say something? What would they say? I knew that this would never happen, but I found myself wishing it would. I wanted the sales lady to know I was locked up. I wanted her to understand what it meant and even laugh at me for it. I wanted her to tell me how bad I must be to have my cock taken from me…. I wanted her to be you.


When I started working, my natural habit of taking off my pants, getting my work on one screen and porn on the other took over, but as we discussed, I really was wondering what the point was now. Then you told me to do it anyway – that I needed to know I was not in control. I can’t be trusted with my own cock so someone else has to rule over it for me. If I was unlocked, I would have cum several times by now. For an hour all I could think about was cumming. I want to be told that I can’t. Shown that I can’t. I know I’m locked up, but it needs to be pounded into me. I no longer control my cock.




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