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Sweet baby w Needs Punishment Again for Standing Up His Mommy B!

I have become VERY busy lately with my offline piggies and spending all of the money you all have been generously sending me and the Amazon gift cards have been really helping not only my growing shoe collection, but my closet is beginning to expand wonderfully for the new season! Keep it up guys!

All my sweet babies must contact me and set an appointment with me due to my very busy schedule. My sweet baby w contacted me a few weeks ago for a video call the following weekend. I was glad to put him on the calendar and began to plan our conversation. You see, I want to do a little research before a call. The last time we spoke, did I instruct you to complete a task? Did I receive a tribute or gift recently? So this research time allows me to be prepared if a punishment or praise is forthcoming.

The weekend arrived and I waited for the call… and then I waited for an explanatory email… and then Saturday came and went. I was then contacted with an apology and explanation and the list of gifts sent through my Amazon Wishlist. This was a good start.

We both know that this is a wonderful way to begin, but punishment is still necessary. We have agreed that this naughty sissy baby needs to let the world see her dressed in her little frilly baby clothes. I’m sure you’ll enjoy his saggy diaper knowing that the swiftest spanks will still sting on that wet bottom. Another visit to my Wishlist might get these photos removed… but until then… I want you to look at yourself on this website. Twist those nipples until you can’t hold back a cry! Know that I will want to see your butt turned beet red and I hope to see tears streaming down your chubby cheeks!

You know that my time is VALUABLE and you can repay me with an Amazon Gift Card! If after sending that card you still feel guilty… you can choose an item or two from my Wishlist to send. Once I’ve received notification of an acceptable gift… I’ll remove this gorgeous photos… reluctantly…

I’m waiting… will you make me wait a long time, this time?


My sweet baby has paid to have one of her photos removed… so I hope y’all got to see it before it was gone!

** Update 2**

Another payment removes another photo… good girl!

** Update 3**

I’ve removed one photo… but added a new one!

** Update 4**

I’ve removed the photos… but wait… more to come!


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