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To Taboo or No Taboo – That is the Question

To Taboo or No Taboo – That is the Question

I’m constantly being asked whether I will go no taboo in a phone sex call. Well, the truth is that I have very few taboos, but their are rules and laws against a number of things and I have to follow those rules and laws.

When it comes to chat or email sessions, I can usually get pretty damn nasty. I know plenty of guys that take their no taboo session to the extreme, but within the rules, and sometimes those can end up my favorite types of calls… purely from the passion for the kink.

I’ve had black men who want to be considered my slave (and not in the bdsm realm) and I’ve had straight guys that want me to witness their first bisexual encounter. I’ve had men that want me to insult their religion and their beliefs and have had those that just wanted me to be their other woman.  In every case, it is what turns them on, which in turn, turns me on!

Whether you’re a guy with a need to go kinky and no taboo or you’re one of my sweet and sexy guys that just want to have a good time… I want to be a part of it. I want the pleasure of watching you get hard and watching you cum!

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