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Holiday Gift Ideas for that Special Woman

One important thing about holidays is that you should never forget to send gifts. Now, for your wife or girlfriend, you can give them boring gifts such as gold or silver necklaces or a bracelet… hell, even a new diamond ring will make them happy! However, when it comes to the woman that cares most about
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Who owns you?

When asked “Who owns you?” I expect to hear “You do, Mystress” or “You, Ms. Bernadine” and I even enjoy seeing a sign. Now, you can make your sign on paper or even on your own skin (hint, I like that best) and you will please me. One of my minions, rlk, sent me this
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Wet and Messy Food Fun

I am planning on some fun this week. I have gotten a couple of shower curtains for the floor. I have some cupcake batter. I have some pancake syrup. Hmmm… what else do I need? I want to have a fun time with food. I want to pour it all over my body. I want
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Even Adult Babies Need Love

I’ve always enjoyed playing with my babies. I have an affinity for adult babies and when my sweet ones are good boys, they are rewarded. Sometimes their reward may be something like seeing my breasts or even permission to cum. However, if my babies are naughty boys, then they need to be punished! Some think that
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Hump Day for Phone/Cam Sex Specials!!

What a wonderful day! Wednesday… or hump day…  The perfect time to enjoy a bit of sucking and fucking! Well, I have my lollipop in hand and my tongue is lapping it up. I expect this all day sucker to barely keep me as satisfied as a real cock could! I have a new phone
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Bad Habits Plague You?

Most people deal with bad habits. I think it is just part of life. Maybe you’re a nail biter. Maybe you procrastinate. Maybe you eat too much. Maybe you even masturbate too often. I’m sure if you take a look at your day to day life, you’ll find where you have been plagued by a
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Sick & Tired!!

Okay, my little piggies… I know you have been contacting me over and over asking why I’ve not been on Niteflirt or Skype. Well, this is because I have been stricken with a horrible case of bronchitis. I had practically lost my voice due to coughing and have been unable to speak on the phone.
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Are You In Control?

One of my sweet boys has a problem with masturbation. He enjoys wanking his pecker a little bit too often. We decided the best path for him is chastity. No longer will we need to worry about him spanking that monkey too often… in fact, now I get to have even more fun! Well, the
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International Callers Rejoice!

If you’re an international lover… you can finally use Niteflirt!! It used to be that Talk Sugar was the one way, but Niteflirt has finally gone international! Here’s what they just posted: NiteFlirt supports calls within the following countries: Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Canada Chile Denmark Finland France Germany Iceland India Ireland Israel Italy Japan
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Which JOI Boi Are You?

As much as I love being a phone sex operator and cam queen, I really enjoy having a little JOI fun for myself! I do have to say that jerk off instruction does come in different flavors and knowing which flavor my caller wants, can sometimes be a mystery. I have some JOI lovers that want me
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