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Which JOI Boi Are You?

Which JOI Boi Are You?

As much as I love being a phone sex operator and cam queen, I really enjoy having a little JOI fun for myself! I do have to say that jerk off instruction does come in different flavors and knowing which flavor my caller wants, can sometimes be a mystery.

I have some JOI lovers that want me to be sensual and lovingly instruct them on how to stroke their hard, sexy cocks. They love to show me how hard they get as I explain how fast and with which fingers or movements I want from them. These are the more tender of JOI lovers. They want the kind and loving Bernadine.

I have other JOI lovers that want me to tease them. They want me to control when they can jerk that pecker and how slow or fast they go. Teasing them with my gorgeous tits and fantastic ass, these jerk off instruction sessions tend to be a pretty mind cock-blowing experience! They can’t cum without permission and I am one amazing tease when I want to be!!

Last, but definitely not least, are my JOI lovers that want me to mix in a bit of humiliation. Not only do I control their strokes, whether they can even touch themselves, whether they can or when they can cum, but I also let them know that their tiny manclit could never be felt by a woman and this is the only way they can get a nut. These sessions can get down right crazy… but isn’t that the fun part?

With whichever flavor of JOI you want to taste, just let me know. The more you tell me about what you want, the more you’ll be completely satisfied!


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